Master teachers must meet the following

eligibility* criteria to apply:

  • Work at a residency partnership school site.**

  • Have experience teaching a diverse student population.

  • Hold a Level 2 or Level 3 teaching license through the State of
    New Mexico, which requires at least 3 years of teaching experience.

  • Have strong communication skills, including the ability to provide feedback to residents in a timely, constructive and consistent manner.

  • Receive a strong recommendation from your school site administrator.

  • Models the master teacher selection criteria outlined below.


*Preference will be given to master teachers who have received a score of at least 50 out of 80 points on the most recent observation portion of the NM TEACH rubric.

**Residency school sites for 2018-2019 include Highland High School, Van Buren Middle School, and Emerson Elementary School. 


  • Organizes the content to learn, applies in-depth content knowledge, aligns content to standards and designs instruction.

  • Frequently designs, collects and analyzes formative data to understand and respond to students’ learning.

  • Builds a positive classroom environment where every student matters and participates.

  • Creates a welcoming and organized classroom space with consistent expectations for student behavior.

  • Teaches lessons with high cognitive demand and a consistent focus on building students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills.

  • Performs in a professional manner and displays high standards of integrity and ethical conduct.

  • Engages in mutual examination of teaching and learning and seeking feedback to improve practice and can speak openly about strengths and weaknesses.

  • Recognizes the value of relationships with students, families and communities to support student learning and demonstrates an active involvement in the school community.

  • Recognizes students and their families as assets and implements culturally responsive and inclusive practices.

  • Continuously seeks out new knowledge and skills and commits to sharing learning with residents.

Master teachers should demonstrate the knowledge, skills and habits of mind outlined below to be selected and matched with a resident.

Master Teacher Handbook