Obtain all transcripts from your undergraduate and any graduate studies.
Note: If you are accepted to ATRP you
will need your official transcripts in order to complete  your UNM Graduate School application.

Letter of Interest

Write your letter of interest explaining why you are interested in becoming a teacher and why the residency program would be a good fit for you. Your letter should be about 500-750 words, double-spaced, and can be submitted as a Word document or PDF.


Prepare your resume, highlighting any experiences working with children and youth and/or diverse communities. 

Pass Test of Essential Academic Skills

Register for Exams at For best consideration, please pass examination of essential academic skills (reading, writing, and mathematics) tests prior to interviews which occur in February. Any applicants interested in secondary education (7th-12th) must also pass a content area examination. Upload registration date or examination scores in online application.

Online application

Once you've gathered everything, scroll down to fill out your information and upload your prepared documents.


Successful first-round applicants will be invited, by email, to an interview day. Successful second-round candidates will need to pass the Essential Academic Skills test and, for Secondary Education applicants, a Content Area test as directed by ATRP, and apply to the UNM Graduate Program (complete guidelines are here). Once candidates are accepted to UNM and pass their test(s) they become ATRP Residents! All Residents will take several more tests as required during the course of the Residency. All test information and registration can be found on the New Mexico Teacher Assessments website. Visit our handy timeline for more details.